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The Origin of CORE CAMP

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CORE CAMP was created 31 years ago when Norm Hull acted on an innovative idea. He had a contrarian vision of enhancing the effectiveness of student leadership training programs. The concept addressed the needs of forward-thinking Activity Directors. They were sending their students to leadership camps and frustrated when their delegation returned, not knowing the other cabinet members they needed to work cohesively with during the year. The traditional camp model splits up school delegations, and building a team is a challenge when the prime focus is working with students from other schools.

Providing a taste of positional responsibility was another wrinkle Norm added to the program to create a foundation of success student leaders could build on when they returned to their school.

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CORE leadership camp was created with four principles which have been the guiding force over the progression of topics, experiences, and new leadership material introduced. Adhering to our CORE principles ensures your delegations returns as a team that received on-the-job experience and created their custom blueprint to start the year. As we celebrate our 31st year of providing forward-thinking leadership to over 24,200 Activity Directors and student leaders, we are still adding, adapting, and accelerating the leadership skills of our clients. You will discover Core Camp provides excellent benefits for leadership programs seeking new inspiration and solutions.

Norm Hull, CSP, works primarily with innovative national and international leadership associations, corporations, and educational institutions. Norm has a 41-year professional speaking and leadership consulting career, which has put him in front of 3,000,000 audience members and over 4000 presentations. His ideal clients are focused on expanding the leadership skills and effectiveness of their staff, programs, and members.