“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Each year, thousands of young people commit to leading their peers on school campuses to influence the school experience.

The visions, hopes, and personal “Why’s” for getting involved are essential to each of these students who took the risk to make a difference on their campus. In a perfect world, this collected group would work cohesively as a team to turn these hopes and dreams into one comprehensive reality. However, this conducive atmosphere will not happen without a plan or strategic structuring. It is one of the reasons why summer leadership camps exist, to better prepare students for the challenging job of leading. One person can make a difference, but a team committed, working in the same direction, and supporting the efforts of each other can be a force multiplier.

CORE CAMP is structured to ensure your team is leading in the same direction, creating a comprehensive plan that incorporates the hopes, dreams, and visions of all who are on your council. One of the historical myths about sending a delegation to a traditional leadership camp is students return as a team, focused on the same goals or vision for the year.

The reality for many councils is they return with an assortment of activities, connections made with students from other schools but not knowing other council members, or having a strategic plan they can implement upon their return. We have a different focus you may appreciate.

CORE CAMP is an outlier on purpose.

The structure of CORE CAMP turns the historical myth into reality for Activity Directors who want their students to return as a productive team.

Our Foundational Principles

We facilitate the building of your team.

When your delegation attends our leadership camp, they return as a team capable of working together productively. We achieve this by keeping your group together and facilitating the group development process within your delegation. Of course, your council still meets and works with students from other schools, but our goal is to return you a team of leaders who support each other and work well together. The primary focus of Core Camp is to transform your delegation into a cohesive, helping each other productive team.

We provide “On The Job Experience.”

Each delegate has a camp job assignment related to their position and attempts to get as close to a real job experience as a camp can provide. We create environments for students to be successful before they return from camp. Position knowledge beforehand provides an excellent foundation that your student can build on when they return to school. We do as much as we can to help your student leaders experience success in their roles before school begins.

Our curriculum evolves each year, and we customize our leadership tools and techniques to address the needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing customized information that offers solutions to the ever-changing issues on our client’s school campuses. As a result, our clients have a personalized school group experience crafted for their school.

We assist you in the development of your blueprint for the year. 

Your delegation will leave with a plan for the year. Having a road map before beginning your journey helps your students avoid being distracted from their purpose. You avoid the need to ‘start planning again’ when you get back together before school starts. Your team returns from camp ready to implement their plan.

CORE CAMP is ideal if you…

  • Expect a cohesive team to return after investing in a leadership camp program.
  • Believe in ‘on-the-job experience’ value instead of a passive ‘watch and learn’ approach.
  • Appreciate a program that is customized to address the needs on your campus.
  • Embrace the value of being in the room as your students express themselves, share their perspectives and behaviors
  • Seek new perspectives to re-imagine your leadership program after the interruption in the personal skill development arc.

What People are Saying…

We go to CORE Camp to start each year on common ground, but more importantly we come together as a leadership team that’s ready to inspire spirit in our school and help our community.

Jim Marianno
Activity Director
Vanden High School

I am proud to say that I have attended CORE Camp since 2009 and it has molded not only my students, but my direction as an ASB Advisor. I have made lifelong advisor-friends who are my backbone of support in the world of Student Government.

Jessica Holman
Student Government Advisior
Rancho Cotate High School

I choose CORE Camp for my leadership program for several reasons. Most importantly core Camp helps us bond together as a team before the hard work of the school year begins. With this foundation being established at camp my team of students have skills they need to work together and problem solve throughout our school year.

Sara Marianno
Activity Director
Enochs High School